Friday, November 5, 2010

She's an actress;but what she does best;is done on a mattress...

Time For ME!
Lately, everything I've been doing, has been for others & I'm over it.
Let's get to the point;;
starting weight: 146lbs = gross
GW#1: 140[ ]
GW#2: 135[ ]
UGW: 130[ ]
I'm restricting as of right now and can only consume 800cals until I get my medication :)
It's going to be hard to hide this because my mom is getting laid off and my bf lives with me, but I know I can do this if I concentrate.
Hmm, I guess I didn't really introduce myself. Not like it'd matter cause no one is going to read this but it's nice to have an outlet reguardless and if anyone does stumble upon this, cool :)
My name is Christine, I'm 19, I live in Wisconsin, and anything else that would like to be known, just ask! This is it for now. Maybe I'll rant later?

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