Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Navy Bean Soup is satan in food form.
My ex gf spent the night last night, and my new gf woke up pissed as hell goin on a rant about how I need a job, the obama phone, blah blah, etc...
Taking all her anger out on me cause my ex spent the night, but I'm not going to have her out on the streets if my couch is open. Today I drank french vanilla roast coffee & took two metabolife. I'll go on a walk later when the little guy wakes up. Wish i had my ipod. UGH. On another subject, my psych can't see me until the 13th of December. WTH am I supposed to do until then?!?!? But they mailed my script so hopefully it comes tomorrow or even today :D Then I'll never eat again!! Mwahaha.
Peace, Love, & Mental Stability. <3

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